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Rules Updates for September 2013 - Zak - 09-04-2013 03:44 PM

Hi everyone,

All or most of this has been gone over at game but here is a list of updated rules clarifications:

  1. It has been decided that if you are wielding a two-handed weapon and one of your limbs becomes unusable(such as from a Disable or Break Bone effect) that the weapon may be used to defend but not to attack. It must be held vertically at all times when used in this way. Keep in mind that you are no longer immune to the Disarm effect when a two-handed weapon is held with only one hand. Additionally a two-handed weapon may be used in one hand defensively(in the manner described above) while casting spells or attacking with thrown weapons. A bow or crossbow may not be used with a two-handed weapon in the other hand. Lastly, you may not wield a two-handed weapon defensively in one hand and a one-handed melee weapon in the other, even if only to defend. No skill except the appropriate weapon proficiency is required to wield a two-handed weapon defensively.
  2. It has been decided that anyone with a profession may teach any number of other individuals that profession. This is accopmlished by roleplaying a lesson with the student. The content of the lesson is left up to the teacher's discretion. There is no prerequisite to learn the first(apprentice) level of a profession. The second level(journeyman) requires the student to already have the apprentice level of the profession learned at the time of teaching. The third level(master) rqeuires the student to already have the journeyman level of the profession learned at the time of teaching. When teaching someone, write on YOUR character sheet who you taught and what skill you taught them. This rule does not apply to Alchemy, Herbalism, and Toxicology. The teaching/learning method for all levels of those skills must be discovered In Game.
  3. A reminder/clarification on effect durations. All spells have their duration stated at the end of the incant as on OOG statement. A power word or weapon-delivered effect(such as Disable) has a duration of 1 minute unless stated otherwise. For example, the skill Backstab Pain has a duration of 10 seconds so the call for the skill is "Backstab Pain, 10 seconds". This is because it differs from the implied silent 1 minute duration. Out of combat skills(such as Waylay) have different durations that are not called because they are out of combat abilities. Waylay lasts 5 minutes. If an effect has a duration and one is not stated it lasts 1 minute.