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Effect Spotlight: Drain
04-24-2013, 07:17 PM
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Effect Spotlight: Drain
As per the effects chart:

Damages a hit point, bypassing any armor. The hit point cannot be healed until subject to a Restoration effect. Drain will damage the last hit point, but it may be healed normally.

Similar to the effect from last campaign, but with some important differences. Here are some examples.

Bojbb the mage has 6HP. He takes 2 points of Drain damage and 2 points of normal damage, and is now down to 2HP. He gets a 5 point heal spell and is only up to 4, because those Drain points can't be healed. Then poor Bojbb takes 4 more points of Drain and falls down. He gets first aid and is up to 1HP, then takes 5 more drain very quickly and falls again. He gets another 5 point heal and still gets up at 1. That last point can't be supressed, but Drain is still damage and can drop your current HP to 0.

He needs a Restoration which is on the Order path or a Song of Restoration on the Song path. Aresia sub-path also get it as part of the Greater Mercy attribute as well. Note that Restoration says "any hit points lost to Drain are able to be healed." but it does not say that the spell heals those points. Bojbb would still need to rest or get another 5 point heal spell to get back up to full after the Restoration is cast.

Also note that Drain does not say that it heals the person using it. It is a gnarly wound that can't be healed due to negative energy, but it is not a life-steal effect. An attribute or a Creature special ability might cause someone to be able to do that, but it's not an inherent part of the effect.

There is a spell on the Destruction path called Sap that inflicts 2 Drain damage, and a spell on the Blood sub-path called Siphon that inflicts 5.
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