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Weapon Materials and Types - Update
02-27-2013, 10:59 AM (This post was last modified: 06-15-2013 11:58 AM by Zak.)
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Weapon Materials and Types - Update
For game rule purposes, all weapons are considered either wood or metal, and follow the rules for only one of those types. This is straightforward for weapons that are entirely wood (club, staff, etc...) or metal (sword, etc...) but less obvious for weapons that may have both wooden and metal portions.

RULE CLARIFICATION - Whatever material the haft/handle of the weapon is made of is the material that the entire weapon qualifies as. Edged weapons are always metal weapons. Blunt and hafted weapons may have either a metal (grey, black, or white duct tape) haft or a wooden (brown) haft. A metal haft qualifies the weapon as metal and a wooden haft qualifies the weapon as wooden. This is important for Heat effects (which only effect metal items) and for repair (metal item repair is for blacksmiths and wooden item repair is for builders.) There may be additional game effects and item that only effect one item type or the other. For example, a 1-hand blunt weapon (like a warhammer) that has a wooden haft and a metal hammer head qualifies as a wooden weapon. Because this is a wooden weapon (even though the striking part of the weapon is metal) this warhammer cannot be coated with alchemical silver wash (which only works for metal weapons) but is not subject to Heat effects.
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