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05-01-2013, 08:57 PM
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Alright guys, I promised it, and here it is:

Donation List:

Jo-anns and Michael s Gift Cards
Tarps (at least 8 feet)
Battery operated glowsticks
Regular glowsticks
Baby wipes and/or makeup wipes
Spell packets (non rubber banded, bigger than an eye socket)
Weapons (claws, swords, two-handers, wooden weapons)

These are our biggest needs. We make some of our masks, and we always need fabric for costuming. The thing is, we want to make sure we make things consistent, so gift cards work best for us as we can use them to buy the same exact fabric or the exact materials we need for any given monster. All donations should be run by us before game, since if fifteen people buy us baby wipes, we need to know that not only do we not need to buy baby wipes, but that we still need to buy glowsticks. Other donations are on a per item basis, and there are no guarantees we will accept the item.

We don't make profit on CRO. We wind up spending a ton of our own money to buy the costuming, the props, makeup, even the materials for weapons. It gets hard, and we really do want to give you all the best game we can. The more we can get in donations, the more we can put our own money towards even cooler stuff, such as better masks. None of us are wealthy, but since the fee at the door pays for the camp, insurance... food... we don't have a lot extra. If everyone chips in, even if it is just to pool money together with friends towards a gift card, we can, all together, make CRO even more awesome than it already is. Again, just shoot us a message at GM@crolarp.com if you want to donate stuff. Thank you all, so very much!

~Leo and the GMs (sounds like a band...)
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